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Welcome to Greener Lighting

We source and supply superior quality LED lighting products which provide direct replacements for inefficient and energy hungry halogen, incandescent and fluorescent units. We strive to offer a combination of quality, value and service.

Our LED products can save you up to 92% on your lighting energy expenses whilst providing you with the equivalent light quality. These energy efficient lights have a lifetime of at least 11 years (50,000 hours) which means they will last up to 25 times longer than the standard halogen bulbs, also practically eliminating maintenance costs.

Our LEDs are 100% recyclable and contain no toxic materials such as mercury or gases found in fluorescents and halogen bulbs. By converting to LEDs this reduces your carbon footprint, helping make a gentler kinder impact on the environment.


Don't See What Your After?

We can retrofit any light fitting with an equivalent LED. So get in touch to see just how much money you could save.

ReUse Your Trash

All the packaging for our products is recyclable so please do just that.